• Jennifer Eddie

On Reflection

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

As is pretty much the norm for me, I'm working on several pieces at once! After a drought comes the flood...

This is a sketch I'm doing of Michael Palin. I came across an image of him dressed for the role of William Makepeace Thackeray in Vanity Fair and thought it would work well done in pencils and on a black background.

I am back using the Prismacolor pencils which I think I am getting the hang of. Although I still catch myself trying to blend the colours with my fingers!

The colours may need knocking back a bit but actually I am quite liking the tones in this. And it looks a lot brighter on the screen than it actually does in real life.

Update on my unnamed artwork: I decided on 'Reflection' which can mean either a thoughtful gaze or the light reflected in the eye. Didn't have to got to the expense of framing as I borrowed a frame that contained a painting of my father-in-law's and did a quick swap and now it is hanging in the Club Members' Gallery.


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