• Jennifer Eddie

Naming artworks

This is one of the pencil drawings I did over the summer using Prismacolor pencils. Having never used them before I did find it a challenge to blend the colours. The don't work in the same way as watercolour or pastel pencils but I do like the effects they produce and this drawing worked out well. And it got lots of compliments from other members at the club which gave me a bit of a boost.

I framed it today ready for hanging in the members' gallery at the art club. However I need to give it a name, something I struggle with. I don't know the name of the individual in this drawing so I need to be a bit more creative with its title. 'Untitled' implies a lack of imagination, although I have been known to use it in desperation! There is something about the eyes (which is what attracted me to the original image in the first place) so maybe 'windows of the soul' or 'the eyes have it'. You know what? I think 'untitled' will work just fine for this one.


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