• Jennifer Eddie

After a long absence...

I am back! I have gone through a dry spell, A rather long dry spell admittedly although I haven't laid down my tools entirely. There just hasn't been anything worthy of sharing here sadly. Thankfully my art club has been there throughout this drought and even though I might not have produced anything of note, the very act of just being there, drinking coffee and chatting with my art buddies has obviously helped me find my mo-jo again.

So, I am back in the saddle as they say and it's probably just as well! We have just agreed on a date for our art club exhibition (November) and with that deadline in mind I have decided to re-visit an idea I had last year of doing a series of 'Dame' paintings. This was inspired by two photographs of Helen Mirren and Judi Dench, both very similar. Unfortunately I have failed to find a similar photograph of Maggie Smith, which was going to be the third painting in the series. I am still searching although accept that I may have to find another suitable 'Dame' in order to have three paintings (I like odd numbers).

The first attempt worked rather well (see image above). This is liquitex acrylic applied directly onto cotton canvas board.

However, for my second attempt I applied a grey coloured ground to the canvas and used something which is a bit of an anathema to me, a grid - quelle horreur! As the image I have is digital and we don't currently have a printer, I tried a couple of free grid apps. These were very poor so coughed up for the one I like - CopyIt. After laboriously drawing the lines onto the canvas, then transferring the image box by box, I started on the painting.

Compared with my first painting where I used a proportional device (another instrument of torture!) the likeness is definitely better in this one. Although I can now see that the face is a bit too wide on the right but happy enough so far.

Watch this space for an update on progress and the finished painting.


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