• Jennifer Eddie

Express Yourself

Today I have been expressing myself through the medium of charcoal. I signed up for the 'Expressive Charcoal' course run by Tara Leaver a couple of weeks ago but have only got around to picking up the charcoal today. My excuse is that I was waiting for my compressed charcoal to arrive. Although I do have willow charcoal and charcoal pencils, I didn't want to start the course until I had all the materials to hand.

I was attracted to Tara's course because I want to loosen up a bit, become more free in my mark making. Also I love using charcoal pencils and wanted to learn a bit more about using compressed charcoal - something I haven't used before (hence the reason I had to order some!)

The idea here is to be bold so we are using A2 paper and letting the charcoal go where it wants to go. No particular aim in mind. I used black and white compressed charcoal as well as willow charcoal, lifting areas out with an eraser. Taping a piece of compressed charcoal to the end of a long paintbrush also helps to free up your mark making. And listening to music is another great way to just go with the flow (my CD of choice was 'Beautiful' by Louise Marshall).

A very relaxing way to spend a morning.

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