• Jennifer Eddie

"I Believe In Artists"

I want to say a huge thank you to I Believe In Art by Victoria Lynn Hall for including me in the I Believe In Artists series.

Victoria has interviewed some talented and inspirational artists so it was a privilege to be considered for an interview. She asks a lot of challenging questions which really get to the nitty gritty of what being an artist actually means. When I was asked to describe my work in only six words, I wasn't anticipating the answer I eventually came up with! But it's true - that is what I do.

So I hope you will pay a visit and read my interview (and those of the other artists too!). Victoria's blog is full of fun and inspiration and she also has some fantastic arty products for sale.

Victoria and I are very similar in that we are recovering perfectionists. We do need to take small steps and not worry too much about making mistakes. We need to believe that the fun is in the process!

Thanks again Victoria for interviewing me and for your blog - you inspire me to believe in myself.

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