• Jennifer Eddie

Bare Bones

I thought I would introduce you to 'Bones'. He's a regular at our Art Club and is a very good model! He works for free too.

Although I have photographed 'Bones' a few times (he loves to wear velvet hats and lots of dramatic jewellery), I have never drawn him. Actually I never thought to ask. Anyway for our portrait class today he was happy to oblige and adopted a relaxing position on a chair. He had dispensed with his hat but chose to pose with an orange flower between his teeth. Always the joker.

He still loves having his photograph taken although unfortunately he was photo bombed by our class tutor. I don't think he approved. He prefers being the centre of attention.

So after a couple of hours drawing, this is my take on the pose. We used cross-hatching to create form and tone. As a reference we were using the sketch of 'Mark Knopfler' by the artist Colin Davidson. He uses lots of random strokes to create shadow and it is a very effective technique.

This is different to the method I normally use which is shading with the side of a pencil and then blending, blending, blending. I haven't used cross-hatching much in my portrait work but can see how it would be great for creating lots of drama and movement.

A very relaxing class today. Lots of fun, lots of drawing and lots of art. Happy!

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