Artist, Gardener, Dreamer

I am a self taught artist, drawing my first 'portrait' at the age of six. This was the start of a life long love affair with anything and everything to do with art.

Over the years I have attended many different art classes but after attending a portraiture summer school at Edinburgh College of Art in 2012 I found that my love of drawing faces was re-kindled.

Since then I have been experimenting with new techniques and materials and my work is turning away from the 'photographic' and moving more towards the 'abstract'.

Emotions and emotional response are now the focal point of my artwork. I love using bold colours which add to the dynamic and give my work life and energy. Although I still love the drama you can create with pencil and charcoal.

I take inspiration from many artists but particularly love the paintings by Guy Denning, Lucian Freud, Edgar Garcia, and Judith Geher. These artists have strongly influenced my work and the style I continue to develop.

About Me

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