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  • ...Come, enter here and rest, and may the sweet serenity of growing things, and the heavenly peace, be mirrored in the soul.

    Welcome to the garden - a place of creativity, healing and growth.

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Reiki chakra

I have had many good experiences with reiki. I am a reiki teacher myself and teaching this wonderful knowledge is a gift of itself. Keep on with the great writing and I wish you all the best in the future. / Elsa 

Clive Birch


I've just created a new Facebook Group celebrating CHARLESTON HOUSE in Sussex, England, the extraordinary weekend retreat of the Bloomsbury Group and of course, Virginia Woolf...

There is a wonderful garden which I thought would interest you too!

It would be great to have you along as a member!

Membership is free, just go to:



Or for further information, contact me at

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